Olin College Area


Boston was one of the first Cities to really adopt Yelp, the restaurant review website.  Pretty much everything is on it and what Yelp says is 4+ stars is generally good.  It is intuitive to use and has the most complete restaurant listing of the city.  This is a sampling of our haunts but there is a ton of food in Boston that we haven’t seen.

–          Yama Sushi: Sarah and Stefan’s default date night, Delicious, inexpensive sushi.  It is a little intimidating but it is on the second story above the real estate office.  A bit of a drive from Boston but if you are in the mood for sushi, this is the best place for the dollar that we’ve found.  Order the Butterfly roll.  It isn’t on the menu but go for it.  Our other favorites are the red sox roll and the spicy tuna roll.  No liquor license for Yama but you can pick up a bottle of wine or a couple of beers to enjoy with your meal.  Yama’s was the standard date night for the couple during their Olin years.

–          Sweet Basil: Everything on the menu is delicious.  Make sure you try the pesto.  Yum.  There is no alcohol for sale but you can bring in a bottle of wine to enjoy with your meal.



American Girl Store: At the Natick Collection, a super high-end mall a-la-Galleria in Houston.  One thing the Houston Galleria doesn’t have: An American Girl Store!

Things to Do

Olin College: The alma mater of Sarah and Stefan, Olin College is out in Needham MA.  Not much to see but we figured it deserved a place on the map.


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