January 5, 2012

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Have a wonderful new year and thanks again for coming.  We certainly had fun and we hope you did too!

– Sarah Wolpert


December 5, 2011


We are getting so excited!  I hope you all are as well.

See you there!



May 24, 2011

Both Sarah and Stefan graduated from Olin College in 2010 with Bachelors’ of Science in Electrical and computer engineering. As 2 of a class of 95 it is not hard to imagine that they met on the very first day at Olin in the fall of 2006. It wasn’t until nearly 2 years later that they formed a close friendship. Working together on a software project in Matt Jadud’s incarnation of the course “Software Design,” Sarah and Stefan formed a friendship. The following in semester, they both worked on a research project with Matt Jadud. In true nerd fashion, Stefan asked Sarah on a date over E-mail in April of 2008. The two started dating and promised to keep in contact over the summer. Stefan was in Germany working in a university laboratory and Sarah was in Austin, TX. This time of correspondence deepened their relationship and when they were united in the fall, the relationship blossomed. They dated for over 3 years before Stefan (finally) popped the question.

Please browse the website for information regarding traveling to Boston and details about the wedding. And please, don’t forget to RSVP!