Sarah is the eldest of the 2 daughters of Alex and Sheila Zimmermann.  Sarah was born in Houston, TX but moved to Arkansas at age 6, Georgia at 9, California at 13, and back to Texas after she was already attending school in Boston.  Sarah is quite close with her sister Rebekah, who is engaged to Bryson Rushing of Friendswood TX.  Their nuptials are scheduled for Jan. 13 2012 and will take place in the Houston area.

Sarah’s father is of Peruvian and German descent while her mother is a Houstonian through and through making Sarah a 5th generation Houstonian.  Alex Zimmermann was one of 4, giving Sarah 8 cousins on that side of the family.  Alex’s sisters each have 3 monsters.  We call them the red-headed monsters and the curly-haired monsters just to keep them all strait! Alex also has a half-brother who just had twins, and a half sister who has just gotten married doubling her clan from 2 to 4.   Sheila has 2 bothers with 3 children between the two of them and a family extension added 2 more cousins and a second cousin, a cute little boy.    All in all, Sarah has 20 cousins and it was only 10 years ago that she only had 5!


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