From the Bride:
I came home on Wednesday May 18 to a surprise. Stefan was already home, a rarity. I walked in the door, chatted for a moment with Jameson, Stefan’s roommate, who was on his way out the door before putting down my things and heading into the dining room. It was then that I realized something was up. The table was set, knives going in the correct direction with multiple sizes of forks and spoons. The glasses were in the correct orientation and it was perfect. Stefan had grilled steak and veggies and was in the kitchen whipping up some instant mashed potatoes when I came in and gave him a big kiss. I knew what was coming but I wasn’t going to make it too easy for him. I thanked him for dinner and we sat down to eat. He was sitting next to me when he asked “Will you Marry me?” Of course I said yes and gave him multiple kisses. Then he said, “Oh, This might help” and pulled out a ring box. It was the ring we had seen in January at a little shop in downtown Boston. Turns out he had bought the ring in February and it has been in the back of his closet all this time!

I am so in love with my Stefan and I can’t imagine not loving him every day for the rest of my life. We ate a yummy dinner before calling our families. My sister, Rebekah, was first on the list, followed by my mother. Stefan called his parents and brothers while we waited until I knew my Daddy would be home from work. Instead of Stefan asking for permission from my father before hand, I had decided that a joint call after we were engaged would be a more modern but still respectful and formal alternative. We called my father together on speakerphone to tell him the news and so that he could welcome Stefan into the family.

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