The celebration is going to include many special and sentimental details.  As these details become finalized, the bride and groom will share them with you here.  Some proposed ideas include:

–          German Cone favors

–          Groom’s pocket square includes a piece of the lace from his mother’s wedding dress

–          Small sapphire cross necklace pinned to the bride’s bouquet was given to her by her late grandmother, Martha “Grammy” Treadgold

–          The bride is wearing a piece of lace from her mother and grandmother’s wedding dresses

–          The idea for the Christmas Ornament guest book is reminiscent of the going away party when the bride’s family moved from Arkansas to Georgia nearly 15 years ago.  The family still has the ornaments signed by our friends in Arkansas.  An ornament signed by her entire 4th grade class still hangs on the Bride’s Christmas tree. It is the hope of the bride and groom that every time they gets out the boxes of Christmas ornaments they will be reminded of this celebration, the love of their friends and family, and the love they have for each other.


–          Something Old: Sarah is currently on the hunt for some amazing vintage earrings

–          Something New: Sarah splurged on her dress which I will not describe her in order to keep it a surprise for everyone!

–          Something Borrowed: Sarah is hoping to borrow some jewelry from a family friend, Karen Hardison, an aunt-like figure to the bride who is a jewelry officionato

–          Something Blue: The small cross adorning the brides bouquet has 3 small sapphires, the brides as well as her Grammy’s birthstone

There are also many DIY or Do-It-Yourself details to the wedding.  The bride and groom are so proud of them and they will share them here:

–          The brides veil was made by the bride herself.

–          The centerpieces are going to be made almost completely by the bride, groom, and their families

–          The Calligraphy will done by a Zimmermann family friend who owns a Calligraphy business, Maureen.


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