The schedule is still relatively tentative. The ceremony is on Sunday, Dec. 11. We are thinking of having the ceremony at about 4:30 pm. Sunset is at 4:16 pm that day. I know that is a shock to those of you from Texas but yes, it is dark at 4:30. December 11 is the 10th shortest day of the year with Winter Solstice on the 21st.
The Ceremony will start at approximately 4:30 pm. There will be an hour long cocktail hour after the ceremony in order to give everyone a chance to mingle and to give the wedding party a chance for pictures. The venue will also remove the ceremony chairs and put in reception tables during this time.
Dinner will start around 6 pm. Cake cutting will be towards the beginning and the first dance will happen once the couple has a chance to sit and pretend to eat.
The reception will close at approximately 10 pm and the bar will close an hour before hand.
The venue is about a 45 min drive from Somerville, MA where the bride and groom live and it is a much more pleasant drive in the daylight so I recommend leaving plenty of time to get out there.

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